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Building A Community with health, love and laughter! 

Welcome to The Tribal Connection where we are building a community with health, love and laughter. By focusing on community building, we believe health will fall into place with support, love, and education.

We hit the ground running in early December of 2021 with four amazing coaches for adult and young adult fitness classes. Our coaches want to help educate everyone that walks through our doors and help them train for life. We offer classes Monday through Friday, and on Saturday mornings.

Our workouts are a combination of strength, mobility and conditioning. We have group classes and we offer personal training. On Saturdays, we have a class that focuses on cooperation and working out with a partner that is both challenging and fun!

The Tribal Connection also has a half court so kids can do lessons or just come in and shoot around after school, and we also offer a class for kids to lift on Monday evenings. With sports being year-round for our young athletes we think it’s important for them to strength train and learn how to move and lift to protect their bodies. Charles Tillman will be offering football camps for a small group of young adults starting in the spring.

Your first class is free so, come in and we will set you up if you decide this gym is for you. Members can schedule classes online with Mindbody, which also shows our class schedule.

We believe in creating a community to help support each other during good and bad times. There are a lot of gyms to pick from in our area, but what makes our gym different is the support you’ll receive and the love you’ll feel before, during and after workouts. We train for life together at the Tribal Connection.

Meet the team

Terry Urban

Terry Urban

Personal Training and Nutrition Support

(817) 879-1035




Terri is a lifetime athlete with a desire to educate and lead others toward a thriving, healthy lifestyle. She is a previous gym owner and has been coaching for over ten years.

She loves weight training, running, participating in team events, and yoga. Terri’s biggest passion is developing a supportive “family” within a  gym that offers a safe, comfortable, and challenging environment for its members.


Tara Gleisner

Personal Training

Tara may be a busy mom of 5, but she always has time for her beloved "tribe". With over 20 years experience in coaching sports and fitness training, Tara works with people of all ages and abilities.  She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Certified Sport Performance Enhancement Specialist, with a special focus on teaching functional fitness and youth sports performance enhancement training. Tara is also a NASM Certified Youth Exercise Specialist and NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, and has been doing CrossFit for over 15 years.  When she’s not training here at The Tribal Connection, Tara loves to volunteer her time with the local Gigi’s Playhouse (Deerfield), where she coaches fitness classes for youth, teens and young adults with Down syndrome.  She also is a very dedicated Head Coach of the All Pro Rebels 12U travel softball team she founded under her not-for-profit organization, All Pro Rebels, NFP.  Tara is passionate about helping people of all "flavors" discover their full potential and define their best selves.

Dimple Sy

Dimple Sy

Myofascial Release and Reiki

(310) 351-0258

Dimple has over 20 years of professional experience working in the rehabilitation and fitness field. She has an “East meets West” approach towards wellness, incorporating breath and mindfulness as integral foundations for optimal physical conditioning.

She is certified through NASM, AFAA, and Crossfit, and has additionally worked with various age group populations as a PT Assistant, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Endurance Coach, Kickboxing Instructor, and Metabolics Specialist. Her background as a JFB Myofascial Release Therapist and Biochemistry major allows her to assess clients’ goals and guide them through injury prevention, pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation, and driving past plateaus and self-imposed limits through knowledge and education. She loves coaching classes because it gives her the opportunity to help instill proper functional movement standards and help individuals gain confidence as they grow.

Dimple is also very passionate about her therapeutic work. She has dedicated herself to helping ease pains and struggles through MFR and Reiki healing. She is an ICRT Professional Member as a Reiki Master/Teacher in the lineages of Usui Tibetan, Holy Fire III Karuna and Animal Reiki. She utilizes crystal grids, sound medicine, water therapy, and intention setting to help with mind-body-soul integration as guided. Text or call to schedule (310) 351-0258.

Annemarie Sampson

Serving the Chicagoland fitness community for 38 years. Manager of The Chicago Sweat Shop, one of Chicago's first aerobic studios, started my love for group exercise before opening my own gym Second Wind. 35 years later I am coaching High School cross country and spending my days educating on environmental and digital wellness.

Environmental wellness stems from pleasant and stimulating environments that support well being. It promotes interaction with the planet and also with our personal, home and work communities. I truly hope that you are open to the conversation.

Digital wellness provides leaders and change makers with tools and resources to foster a more positive digital culture. Digital wellness is a new and ever developing niche in personal, corporate and student well being, it is an exciting time to be a part of the discussion.


Stan Stewart

Stan Stewart

Basketball Skills Training

(630) 461-7955



Owner of True Ball Nation.

Specializes in footwork, ball handling, and shooting. Covers everything from pace changes, to rhythm work, and much more. Text or call to schedule (630) 461-7955.


Erika Bitto

Owner of Loosey Goosey Sports Massage and Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

Erika has been practicing sports massage therapy for over 10 years in the Northshore/Chicagoland area.  She works closely with current and former Chicago Bears players along with Olympic competitors and other athletes from the NFL, MLB, and NCAA.  A mother of two young sons, Erika is very much dedicated to creating and treating clients in an absolutely transparent, safe, and sanitary space.

Born and raised in Northern California, Erika was a High School Water Polo player and Swimmer who went on to compete at the collegiate level in Handball at Lake Forest College, earning All-American three times and winning a National Doubles Championship her senior year.  Erika is very much familiar with injuries and how each sport places different demands on the body.  No matter how obscure or mainstream the sport may be, Erika commits herself to getting to the root of the problem and treating the issue so that we can all return to the activities we love.

Please reach out to Erika personally at (847) 971-4199 to book an appointment, or learn more about her practice by visiting looseygooseymassagetherapy.com

Jordyn Elliott

Jordyn Elliott is a lifelong athlete who earned her classical pilates certification through a 500+ hour comprehensive training program. She's certified to teach on all pilates apparatus including the reformer, tower, cadillac, wunda and high chairs, barrel, and more.

Jordyn fell in love with pilates a few years after graduating from UC Berkeley where she was a four-year player and senior captain of the women's soccer team. Two ACLs and three surgeries later, Jordyn's soccer career wrapped at the collegiate level, but her love for sports, being active, and challenging herself only continued to grow. Soon after graduation, Jordyn decided to pursue her certification to become a pilates instructor. She's excited to share the challenge of pilates with her community!

Check out whatsyourgoose.com to see her schedule.

Jena Tagliola-Ip

Dry Needling and Physical Therapy

(773) 888-9691


Owner of Tagletics.

I am a physical therapist, proud owner of Tagletics, and a busy mom of 3 boys. I work with athletes across many different sports; including running, crossfit, basketball, pilates and so much more. I have experience with novice athletes to elite athletes and even those returning to exercise postpartum. I help individuals recover from injuries as well as help them optimize their health and performance to continue to achieve their goals. Specializing in dry needling, I am able to help alleviate pain, improve muscle efficiency, and maximize performance. I am passionate about helping individuals truly maximize their potential and overcome current or past injuries in a very individualized and unique manner. I feel strongly that every athlete is different and deserves one-on-one care unique to them.

I am an avid runner and enjoy long distance running. I have run several half marathons and marathons and hope to run many more. I grew up playing many different sports and have always enjoyed just moving my body. I bring all of my past personal experiences and knowledge to the table. Including my experience with exercising during pregnancy and postpartum. When I am not working or running, I enjoy spending time with my boys. I hope to inspire them to challenge their bodies and minds and achieve great things.

Stephanie Baier

Owner of MainStreet Infusion IV's & Wellness.

A locally owned and operated IV therapy concierge service. Stephanie Baier is a Libertyville resident, mom, and nurse with a passion for health and wellness. MainStreet Infusion is proud to offer infusion appointments at our permanent location located within The Tribal Connection in Downtown Libertyville!


Located at 133 E Cook AVE IN LIBERTYVILLE!